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Head to The Home Show. BJCC 2/15/19

A great place to catch up on what’s new for the home, try going to a home show. There you can get caught up on new gadgets and appliances for your home and get ideas for remodeling or for what you might want in a new home. Styles and floor plans are evolving to meet the needs of today. Visit Birminghams very own Home Show this upcoming February to get ideas for your new home. Make sure you get all the brochures and giveaways to take home.

You may also discover that you would really like something smaller if it met the needs of your household. Is a separate dining room really necessary? Can you enjoy a big family/kitchen for most every occasion? Is a new style

refrigerator with a drawer type freezer better. What are you able to find that fits your budget. For tickets to Birminghams Home Show, visit and get $3 off your tickets if you buy online.


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